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Create Gamified Challenges, Track progress, and Reward Healthy Behavior Changes

Empower Your Team with Custom Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness Challenges!

Transform Your Workplace into a Healthier, Happier, and More Engaging Environment!

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We make healthy living engaging, fun and rewarding!

BeYou Technology Platform

BeYou is a reward-based health platform designed to help employees become the best version of themselves. Our goal-setting tool, healthy habit tracker, incentives, and accountability algorithms provide six key advantages:

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Holistic Approach

Our wellness approach focuses on Movement, Nutrition, and Emotional Well-being for optimal health.

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Engaging Experience

We make it fun to achieve health and wellness goals by rewarding users for walking, exercising, eating healthier, and feeling well.

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AI-Powered Gamification

AI tools to track user activity, providing immediate rewards for achievements. A truly engaging and motivational experience.

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Rewards Saving Account

Gamify wellness with points awarded for health-related activities, promoting

goal-setting and friendly competition.

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Health Content Library

Our infographic health content, crafted by certified health professionals, simplifies learning and habit adoption.

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Inspiring Social Community

A motivational social network fostering encouragement, let the community inspire and motivate your employees!


We drive healthy behaviour through a combination of gamification, social support and rewards incentives

Unlock Corporate Benefits

Invest in your employees' well-being and experience a range of benefits that will positively impact your organization:

Minimize the risk of long-term health issues by providing employees with tools to adopt a healthy diet and engage in regular physical activity.

Sickness Prevention

Strengthen your brand's image as a health-conscious and employee-centric organization, attracting top talent and fostering loyalty.

Company Reputation

An employer that cares about the well-being of its employees is a strong asset. We help to increase the motivation of employees, providing a success experience that transforms the company culture.

Promote the challenge

Boost productivity with happier, healthier employees who experience reduced stress, enhanced focus, and improved work-life balance.

Productivity Surge

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With BeYou, enjoy the flexibility to design a wellness program that aligns with your organization's goals from Steps activity to Healthy Eating and Mindfulness challenges.


Request a quick demo today!

Learn how BeYou's corporate wellness platform can revolutionize your workplace and promote a healthier, happier workforce. Get started now!

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