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BeYou is a reward-based health platform that aims to achieve and sustain users’ holistic well-being. BeYou main shareholder is Technogym, the world leader in Gym equipments. BeYou is a proud member of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, a public organisation funded by the European Union.


About BeYou

Colleagues Working Together


BeYou is the result of passionate work from an international team of certified experts in nutrition, fitness and coaching, as well as seasoned professionals in mobile marketing and information systems. All of us share the same passion for creating a health-based community where people can share their interests, learn, motivate themselves and achieve health goal. We are based in the vibrant city of Barcelona.


To improve corporate health with a holistic approach, utilising smart solutions. We know from research and experience that the best way to reach total wellness is to implement a holistic approach.


We believe in constant innovation and implementation of new technologies to help employees achieve total wellness. As such, employees will be able to take advantage of our interactive solutions that make it easier than ever before to achieve healthy living.

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