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Employee Wellness Reimagined

We make healthy living Engaging, Fun and Rewarding!

The BeYou Innovation Formula

Our technology is based on three foundations: Behavioral Change Science, Habits formation and Engagement Algorithms. Our unique approach combines Smart gamification, coaching and Peer Support to help users stay engaged, achieve goals and get rewarded. Explore the six pillars of our digital wellness platform:

BeYou is a reward-based health platform that aims to improve people’s health and productivity. We are a wellness company dedicated to help employees become the best version of themselves.

Well-Being Assessment

Offer your employees a comprehensive health assessment to measure your existing Employee’s Wellbeing. We'll provide a tailored wellness program based on their individual needs, ensuring a customized approach to health within your organization.

Healthy Habits Challenges

Our holistic method encompasses Physical, Nutrition, and Emotional Well-being. We transform health into an enjoyable game, from daily step counts to nutrition, hydration, and sleep improvement. Our gamified approach turns daily activities into engaging and rewarding experiences.

Interactive Health Content

Equip your team with valuable health knowledge through our engaging educational materials. From nutritious recipes to exercise routines and mindfulness techniques, empower them with the tools for informed health decisions.

AI-Gamification Algorithms

Cutting edge AI- Gamification that offers immediate rewards for achievements. Our gamification approach keeps employees motivated by turning every achievement into a rewarding experience, making the wellness journey both fun and fulfilling.

Inspiring Social Community

A motivational social network fostering encouragement, employees can share their journey, gain inspiration, and find the collective support from their colleagues, all contributing to a healthier, more connected workplace environment.

Rewards Saving Account

Get rewarded for every healthy step you take. Our Health & Wellness Rewards Card let your employees earn points for engaging in healthy activities, which they can redeem for exciting vouchers and discounts, adding an extra incentive to your wellness efforts.

We drive healthy behaviour through a combination of Gamification, Social Support and Rewards.

Your All-in-One Health Solution

BeYou seamlessly aligns with your corporate vision, offering the flexibility to craft a wellness program that meets with your organisational goal.

HR Empowerment Tools

Enhance Wellbeing

Engage Employees

Reward Performance

Boost Productivity

Retain Workforce



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